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Healing: After The Tragedy” is a gem of a play. Nesha Wonderland brings us deep into her world of survival, healing and overcoming the odds to create a life for herself filled with positivity. She has found a really beautiful way to tell her own story. So often one person shows can feel too long, or overly dramatic, but “Healing: After The Tragedy” is just about perfect. It strikes a wonderful balance between the difficulties and the triumphs. The lightness of Nesha’s heart is inspiring and infectious and her story significant and soulfully told.

NoHo Arts District

Healing After the Tragedy is a must see play. I guarantee you will see parts of your life story in this play. It captures the true definition of being victorious and overcoming lifes tragedies. This one woman show was phenomenal and captured every bit of the audiences attention. I hope this play reaches the masses, as Nesha spreads healing through theatre arts around the world.

SHELLIE SLACK / Transformation Coach, Education Specialist, Author