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What is the book about?

This is a Christian Self-Help book. The devotional follows the traumatic life of Author Nesha Wonderland from childhood losing her father to gun violence and experiencing the statistical issues that come with Childhood Bereavement trauma to beating the odds through applying wisdom from the book of proverbs for healing.

When will I receive my book?

Orders are shipped out the next business day after your order is placed. Tracking is provided and the estimated shipping delivery time is 3-7 business days.

Is the book available in paperback?

Yes, all books purchased directly from the site are shipped, personally signed, and available in paperback. We also have ebooks available in pdf format. Audiobook coming 2022!

Will the book be available on Amazon?

Yes, the book is currently available on Amazon where you can leave your review. Click here>> (AMAZON STORE LINK ) (Discount codes do not apply to Amazon purchases).

Why is this book under a pen name?

I wrote under my pen name because it aligns with what each book I release will encompass a sense of wonder and stories about the wondrous works God can do through lives even full of drama and tragedy.

I love this book! What can I do to help spread the word?

Repost and share to spread the word about the book on social media and via email to anyone you know that can benefit from the book. If you would like to buy some books in bulk of 10 or more please email for a special discount code.


Is there an Audio Version of the book?

Yes, we are releasing the audio version of the book 2022. Subscribe to be the first to listen!

What is your next book called and when is it coming out?

There will be more devotional books and a Christian fiction series coming soon that will be a mystery drama. Definitely subscribe to receive updates and discount codes once the new books are released.

What is your favorite scripture in the book?

Ephesians 4:10-15 speaks about the gifts Christ gives us in the body of Christ. The book takes us through the process of how God not only heals us but gives us purpose through our pain.

Why do you share before and after stories from your life?

I shared my stories in a before and after format to show the reality within my own life on how the scriptures work when applied. My goal was also to give the reader an actual person to relate to so that it does not feel so out of reach to actually apply the scriptures toward the hardest areas of our lives.

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