Updated: May 20, 2020

Find a quiet space and give your "time tithe" to Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you thankful. Every blessing we need is in you. You Lord are the giver of grace and peace. May your grace and peace be given to us, our family members and neighbors. Blessed are you Father God. May many be saved through your loving kindness and mercy.

May many nations be given access to spiritual blessings in heavenly places through Jesus Christ. Thank you for choosing us in him before the foundations of the earth. You knew our shortcomings, you knew our sins, and you knew all the wrong we could do and yet you saw it fit to choose us and call us holy and blameless in your sight.

Have your way within us bringing us out of every spiritual sin. Have your way leading us out of careless sinful living. You who started a good work in us will complete it to the finish. Thank you for predestining us in your love, you adopted us as your children through Jesus. You Heavenly Father elected us, your only begotten son Jesus redeemed us and your Holy Spirit seals us. Thank you.

We thank you Jesus that your victory over death has given us as believers in you a series of benefits. Thank you Jesus for redeeming us through your blood, thank you Jesus for forgiving us our trespasses, thank you Jesus for giving us your rich grace through the grace you have given us Jesus we have access to all wisdom.

Have your way Heavenly Father uniting all things in Jesus, have your way working all things together according to your will. Lord may we know more about you and may the mystery of your will be reveled to us. May our eyes and hearts be enlightened with the knowledge of you Jesus.

Thank you Heavenly Father for wrapping your self in flesh and raising Christ from the dead. Thank you for seating him at your right hand, because when he was raised and sat at your right hand we were raised too. Heavenly Father thank you for making Christ above all rule and authority, thank you for making Christ above every name that is named not only in this age but in the ages to come.

Thank you for putting all things under his feet. Thank you for making Jesus the one who fills all in all. Thank you for blessing us and supplying all our emotional, physical and spiritual needs through Christ. May we be blessed, may our families be blessed and our nations. In Jesus name Amen.

Ephesians 1 Prayer 🙏🏾

(Take a DEE P BREATH INTO YOUR STOMACH MAKING IT LIKE A BALLOON: INHALE...EXHALE....Close your eyes and begin to thank God..... Allow the words in your heart to flow out to him.)

Nesha Wonderland

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