Updated: May 20, 2020

Find a quiet space and give your "time tithe" to Jesus.

In the name of Jesus, Dear Heavenly Father we come before you thankful that you are our help no matter what trouble we face.

Lord we trust and rely on you for all of our needs and praise you for your loving kindness.

We thank you for your faithfulness Jesus. You are faithful in times of pleasure and you have brought us out of many troubles.

So our confidence is in you. Every where we go Holy Spirit today gives us remembrance to rejoice no matter what we face or what we are going through.

Remind us Lord that you are our Salvation, so that in the midst of what we face we sing to you thank you Lord for dealing with me bountifully. Thank you Lord for blessing us bountifully.

We trust you and praise you to continue to be the bountiful Father that you are God.

Thank you for being El OLAM/OLAM through our troubles giving us strength when we are weary. In Jesus name Amen.

(Take a DEE P BREATH: INHALE...EXHALE....Close your eyes and begin to thank God..... Allow the words in your heart to flow out to him.)

Nesha Wonderland

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