Updated: May 20, 2020

Find a quiet space and give your "time tithe" to Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you in honor and in praise.

We praise you and thank you for providing us with sure hope and sure grace through your resurrection power Jesus. We have received grace to wake up this morning, grace in our going and coming.

Thank you for knowing that all we need in life and in death is your grace. You are a benevolent giver of grace, may your grace rain and pour into every area of our lives. Where sin abounds your grace abounds and increases even more.

So Father may it be your grace that gets us through the storms, may it be your grace that gives us strength to carry on, may it be your grace that supplies all of our needs. Thank you for calling us to belong to you Lord with your grace and mercy.

When you Jesus went on that cross you called us out of the grave to be your people. With your precious blood you called us to be set apart and to live a sanctified life. Thank you Jesus for making a way out of no way for us. Thank you for making a way out of no way for believers and unbelievers right now to receive your grace and mercy because it was you that first loved us.

We ask that you continue to strengthen and establish us in faith with your grace. Father It is written that the just and upright will live by faith so Lord make what is written known in our lives by your grace may we live by faith and faith in you alone.

May we be blessed by your grace in this day according the spirit of your holiness. Bring about in us the obedience of Fatih for the sake of your name. May your limitless grace be unto us and may peace be unto us.

Holy Spirit Let your evidence in us be made known to bless this world so that all may cling to you Lord for your glory. Have your way in us Holy Spirit, so that all will know that you are present with us. Help us to grow in the knowledge of you Jesus and may we receive grace to keep us from wrong doing Father, may come to know the fullness of you is in your grace and who we are in you through your grace. In Jesus name Amen.

Romans 1:1 Prayer 🙏🏾

(Take a DEE P BREATH INTO YOUR STOMACH MAKING IT LIKE A BALLOON: INHALE...EXHALE....Close your eyes and begin to thank God..... Allow the words in your heart to flow out to him.)

Nesha Wonderland

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