Updated: May 20, 2020

Find a quiet space and give your "time tithe" to Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you in honor and praise. Lord you are ADONAI in full authority over all things so only you can stabilize us in this day.

May you dwell with us today and make your presence known no matter where we are.

May we be made into citizens of Zion for you.

We thank you that through your blood Jesus you have given us full access to approach you.

Have your way stabilizing us as you fulfill your word in us so that we may be seen as righteous in your sight.

Lord may we dwell on your holy hill forever.

Holy Spirit, may we walk in integrity and strength of character.

Help us today to be workers of righteousness.

Help us today to speak and hold truth in our hearts.

Help us to not slander with our tongues.

Help us to do no evil toward our neighbors.

Help us to not take reproach against our friends.

Help us to honor those who fear you Father.

Help us in this day no matter where we are to worship you with reverence.

Help us keep our word even when it is a disadvantage for us.

Help us to become unshakable not by our own strength but help us to rely on you for our stability.

In Jesus name Amen.

PSALM 15 Prayer 🙏🏾

LESSON FROM TODAY'S SCRIPTURE: Through praying and studying this scripture today I am learning how God brings us into stability through depending on him to build us to be ethical, hard working and humble people. He first must qualify us which is why the scripture begins asking the question “Who can enter the holy place of God?” This shows me that God has standards and I am glad he gave us access to communicate with him in prayer through Jesus. This scripture is teaching me that salvation gets deeper and God can speak to us deeper when we allow him to qualify us. He takes us through tests that make us ethically and morally alert. His point is to make us into people who depend on him for all of our needs and tell the truth even when it may hurt our own interests. What did praying and studying this scripture show you?

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