Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We come in many beautiful shades of light cream, caramel, and deep cocoa. Happy Juneteenth. God surely was creative when he formed us in his image. I hope and pray on this day and each day you are given moving forward that you remember you are gifted, you are brilliant and you are resilient. Be proud because you are truly free, even though racism and classism still try to enslave our bodies with social injustice they can never have our beautiful minds. We come from a bloodline of people who have been hurt in many ways we have been kidnapped, sold, and raped. Yet still, those before us found ways and strength to believe they were still great. You are great. Let know one get into your psyche and make you feel as though you are not smart because we are people that break glass ceilings and chop down our own wood to create our own tables. Like Maggie Lee Walker you can charter and be the president of a bank. Like Langston Hughes, you can write plays. Like Daniel A. Payne you can be a college president. Like Bessie Coleman, you can get your pilot's license. Like Mifflin W. Gibbs you can become a judge. Like Daniel Hale Williams you can perform open-heart surgery. Like Dr. Charles R. Drew you can even start a blood plasma bank too. All of the brothers and sisters that came before us are living proof that there is nothing we can not do. Go far beyond the stars and put your name in the history books too. Never let this evil world in your head, beautiful black women and men. Happy Juneteenth, no matter what we face, our souls can never be taken away. May God's blessings shine upon you and may God's favor continue to follow you and liberate you all the days of your life.


Nesha Wonderland

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