Find a quiet space and give your "time tithe" to Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you and give you our hurt, our hearts and our pain that has been caused by people who have offended us or oppressed us.

We forgive our debtors as you have forgiven us.

Instead of using our lips to murmur and complain, Father we give our lips to you because you will give ear to our prayer not our complaining.

Lord our hearts are troubled and our souls crave to be heard by you.

We come before your mercy seat pleading! We thank you for the mercy you have given us, so we plead for your help to make us merciful towards those who have hurt us.

May you have mercy on our enemies and oppressors Lord. We forgive our debtors for their trespasses as you have forgiven us.

May we be given the grace to not transgress with our mouths. Help us to not sin with our words but speak words of kindness and mercy towards those who have offended us and oppressed us.

Let vindication come from you and keep us from fighting for vindication out of our own strength. Have your way trying our hearts.

Have your way keeping us from the path of violence. Have your way testing us with the opportunity to forgive so that you may find no evil in us.

Thank you for making us the apple of your eye. Thank you for hiding us under the shadow of your wings. Though there have been people who have not considered our feelings with compassion and kindness, though peoples mouths have spoken negatively about us we thank you Lord for fully satisfying our hearts so that we will not repay malice with malice but we will resist evil and love our enemies for your sake Jesus Christ.

You commanded us Lord to love our neighbors and pray for our enemies. So we ask that you have mercy over our enemies, may they be blessed with your presence of peace, may you comfort them and may they be delivered from evil. In Jesus name. Amen.

PSALM 17 Prayer 🙏🏾

LESSON FROM TODAY'S SCRIPTURE: Through praying and studying this scripture today I am learning about practicing forgiveness swiftly. I woke up this morning to a painful message that made me angry and desire to express negative words toward the person who sent me the message because I felt like my feelings were not considered. God is so in control and intentional because I find it no coincidence that this is the scripture we are on today. He knew this test was coming and he gave me his word to help me navigate through the test. This scripture helped me pray for that person today which helped me combat my anger and helped me understand that persons perspective which I could not see while I was upset. This scripture which is based on David swiftly going to God in prayer when he felt oppressed by people is teaching me to go to God swiftly when I want to talk negatively so that he can help me forgive swiftly. This scripture today has also taught me that praying to God and speaking out to him instead of responding with hurt is the remedy. As I spoke life over them and my situation the song amazing grace came to my mind and the words “Amazing grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found. Was blind but now I SEE”. This scripture has taught me today that the process of forgiveness helps us see how amazing God’s grace truly is. God knew I was going to get that message this morning and that is why he made sure to have a way for me to access the exact scripture I needed to win that battle for his glory through praying.

What did praying and studying this scripture show you?

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