Find a quiet space and give your "time tithe" to Jesus.

Dear Heavenly Father, we come before you in praise and honor. Thank you for being our rescue. Thank you for being ADONAI our great Lord that is in total authority over all things. You Lord are our strength.

You Lord are our rock and fortress. In you Jesus we trust for all of our needs and we come to you our refuge, our tent, the one we need most to hang out with, we come asking that you breath on us as we worship you. We call upon you Lord because you are worthy to be praised.

Thank you for saving us from the enemy with your precious blood. Thank you for hearing our cry when we are in distress and call upon you for help. Thank you that no matter what issue we face, you Lord are our support.

You Father reached from on High and pulled us out of the many waters of trouble before. Lord you have rescued us many times before. Deal with us and reward us according to your righteousness.

Help us to keep your ways Lord and never depart from you God. With the kind you show your kindness, Holy Spirit help us through the tests we face to be kind.

You save the afflicted and the humble so we praise you for the affliction and for the humbling tests we face because it is your opportunity to cause us to be a light and to shine.

Thank you for proving through whatever we face that you Lord our God illumines through the darkness.

Your way Lord is blameless and your word has been tested to be true and perfect. You are a shield, You are the one who encircles us with strength. Your response to us in prayer will make us great.

You God enlarge the path beneath us and make our steps secure so that our feet will not slip. Thank you for rescuing us from the validation of people. Thank You for rescuing us.

Have your way Father forming us into who you called us to be for such a time as this, so that we may serve people we have not known. We thank you for showing us steadfast love and mercy.

Thank you for rescuing us and thank you for rescuing many others from the bondage of the enemy. In Jesus name. Amen.

PSALM 18 Prayer 🙏🏾

LESSON FROM TODAY'S SCRIPTURE: Through praying and studying today’s scripture I realized how much peace and joy there is when we depend on God in uncertain time. In the time we are currently living in with the corona virus going on it can feel like the spirit of death is all around us coming straight from hell like how David describes his enemies coming after him in this scripture. What gives me so much joy and peace reading, praying and singing this scripture is understanding that David is praising God after the fact. He is praising after God has proven to him to be who he says he is. The scripture gives me confidence because God tested, approved and manifested his loving kindness to David. As a believer this prayer has given me so much zeal and confidence to know that God is a rescuer and when we praise him and recall the many times he has been there for us we can relax in our circumstance and know God “as long as I involve you in my problems and in my cry you have a gift of opportunity for me to show me a reflection of your word and the mighty power of who you are”. It also gives me a refresher to know reverential fear for God is so necessary. Why be afraid of what people think or say when it is God who really has all the power in his hands. No matter how the pandemic is affecting us we must stay focused on knowing we have a shepherd and he will rescue us. Darkness is under his feet!

What did praying and studying this scripture show you?

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