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Once tragedy and trauma strike a life, is it possible for that life to beat statistical odds? Have you ever asked why would God allow trauma in my life to happen? How and Why?


In this inspirational and riveting book, Nesha Wonderland teaches how 31 scriptures from the Book of Proverbs are a proven practical moral compass that will help you face your trauma head-on, transform your life and build a happier stabilized destiny in Jesus Christ.


In Healing: After The Tragedy Autobiography/Devotional, you will find:


~31 days of Encouragement for financial, spiritual, emotional and relationship circumstances

~31 days of Prayer

~31 days of Real-life solutions to surviving trauma and dysfunction


Healing: After The Tragedy equips readers with a step-by-step guide on how the Lord Jesus Christ transformed a life that faces high statistical odds by using the Book of Proverbs as an instruction guide and result marker.


Healing: After The Tragedy teaches readers how to go all the way back to their childhood, as they read about Nesha’s childhood to present day overcoming bereavement trauma by using the Word of God as an example to heal the soul and press toward a successful destiny daily!


Healing: After The Tragedy helps you to practically exercise your faith and witness how God can heal everything in your life; your family, your outlook about your life purpose and your outlook on what has happened to you!


Don’t wait!


Read this book and unlock exercising your faith using the Book of Proverbs for the next 31 days today!

Healing:After The Tragedy Autobiography/Devotional Book

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