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Nesha Wonderland’s poetically written autobiography is a story of tragedy and healing. Tragedy visited upon young Nesha when her father was shot and killed before she was born. He was only twenty-two. This tragic event caused suffering to hover over Nesha for decades, causing her young life to spiral nearly out of control, were it not for God’s hand of rescue. Today, however, Nesha’s poignant story is a celebration! She’s proof that God can heal the broken heart, even when all seems lost! Healing: After The Tragedy is the go-to guide for encouragement, prayer and real-life solutions to surviving trauma and dysfunction. Each chapter guides us through the step-by-step process; from facing tragedy head on, to realizing our brighter, happier, stabilized destiny in Christ. “God can certainly heal your pain,” Nesha said, in a recent interview. “In fact, he can transform your tragedy into a successful, wondrous life!” God transformed Nesha into the Proverbs 31 Woman, and her book shows us exactly how she got there. Wonderland independently wrote and produced her 2018, one-woman hit show, “Healing: After The Tragedy,” a multimedia production, released in Hollywood, California. She is a performance artist, writer and the founder/CEO of Nesha Wonderland Productions, featuring faith-based entertainment focused on prayer, empowerment and education in print, film and digital media.

Healing: After The Tragedy: My Journey of Transformation Into The Prov. 31 Woman