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Have You Ever Wondered - Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance? How do we know which policy is best for us? Is it affordable?


Episode 2 of 'Have You Ever Wondered? ': Nesha sits with Rene Hawkins a Life Insurance expert who became a advocate for Life insurance after her young son developed a severe disability which made him ineligible to enroll in Life Insurance due to being categorized "Pre-Existing". Rene covered her son in enough time prior to his diagnosis but she realized many people have not had the same education to help protect themselves and their families futures. Her mission is to help educate the community about Life Insurance policies so that our communities have a true sense of understanding about terms and conditions while also sharing hidden knowledge about how to build wealth by using a Living policy as a form of a savings that accrues with interest over years.


Learn more about Life Insurance terms, benefits, and what it takes to get started visit:







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